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About Us

Our Guarantee

We take great pride in the services we provide and our ability to add real value to your company. One of the things that set us apart from other firms is our dedication to customer service. Everything we do is measured by our commitment to serving our clients. While most other accounting firms simply tell clients about it, we put our money where our mouth is and guarantee it!

Most other firms don’t have the confidence to offer such a guarantee.

Our Commitment to You

  • All of our work is guaranteed. You are the judge of the end product, and if you believe you have not received a measurable value for a particular service, you may withhold payment.*

  • We will return all telephone calls by the next business day.
  • Our services will always be of an exceptional quality, designed to add significantly to your business.
  • We will communicate with you openly and frequently as we work to build a long-term, “win-win” partnership with you.
  • Your feedback is critical to our ongoing efforts of improving services to our clients. We will welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions.

*See engagement letter for details.

Customer Feedback

It is important to point out that we will not be able to deliver awesome service without your help. That's why we encourage your feedback. Your ideas, comments and suggestions will provide us with the blueprint that we need to structure and deliver the precise services that meet your unique needs. Working together, as a team, we can help you and your business grow to achieve your income and quality of life goals.

While we would hope that you would always feel comfortable talking to us about your needs and how we might be of service to you, we have developed a process for communicating that will help us understand exactly how we are doing. That includes:
  • A New Client Interview conducted by our Director of Awesome Service. Here we start by asking a series of specific questions that help us learn more about your company and how we might be of service.

  • Monthly/Quarterly Calls. On an on-going basis, we will stay in touch to see how your business is doing, to answer any general questions for which you couldn't seem to find the time to call and to get feedback on our work.

  • MOP Reports (Managing Outcome and Process). After the completion of an engagement/project, we initiate a thorough review of our work and your perception of our services. This review is based on previously agreed upon timelines and includes a review of our communication with you, as well as, the quality of our work.

  • Regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys. We conduct a formal written survey to determine your level of satisfaction with our services. This information will be used to improve our service delivery and help us find new ways to be of assistance.
Through the years, our firm has developed a reputation for treating each client with respect and for providing an exceptional level of service.


So how do you differentiate and choose from a group of people all saying the same thing? At Shepherd and Goldstein, it’s the implementation of “1,000 little things” that make the difference.
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  • Without your wisdom, vision, and experience we would not be where we are today.

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