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About Us

History of S&G

A History of Customer Service

Our firm was established in Worcester in 1980. In those early days, we had only 6 accountants on our team and our modest offices were in the back of an office building on Main Street (We thought that the Main Street address would make us appear more established).

Our first clients were all small businesses: up and coming auto dealers and a couple of service companies were among the mix. We knew that to compete with the larger, more established firms we had to be better. That meant doing more than simple compliance work. We had to help our clients find ways to succeed. From the first day that we opened our doors, our focus was and continues to be personalized customer service. Our clients became more than business associates, they became our friends and we have enjoyed helping them reach their goals.

Hanging Around the Cape

As we grew in 1989, we opened a West Yarmouth office. That office focused primarily on small Cape Cod businesses. Our clients included many restaurants, as well as, hotels, timeshares and residential and commercial properties. While its true that our new office gave Terry and a few of our team members a better excuse to hang around the Cape during the summer, this office also gave us an opportunity to bring our management skills to a large number of small businesses. That relationship has continued to blossom and grow.

Moving East

As our firm continued to grow, we felt that a move East into the Metro West area would provide us opportunities for long term growth. In early 2000, we purchased the practice of Richard Fortin & Co. of Framingham. Soon after the opening of our Framingham office we acquired the Framingham and Lexington practice of Howard M. Goldstein in June 2001. While this office didn't offer our team members a favored vacation spot, it did open our firm up to a wide range of new clients in that region and brought us physically closer to many of our existing clients.

Going South

In January 2005, we merged with Caccavelli & Leone, Inc. of Hopedale, MA. In our move three years later just one town over, our Milford team further advances our strategy to strengthen our presence in Central Massachusetts. This merger has also provided us with added depth in the financial services industry.

Business Development

When we founded our accounting firm, we wanted to do more than provide our clients with compliance-oriented services. We saw a need to provide small and medium sized businesses with a special set of management services that would help each business operate more effectively and efficiently.  We now provide this service for all of our small and medium sized targeted markets.  We wanted to be an integral part of their growth and success. As we grew and added new members to the Shepherd & Goldstein team, each with varied backgrounds and strengths, our ability to help our clients also grew and expanded into new areas.

In 1997, Shepherd & Goldstein became a member of RANONE, an international network of independent accountants. With this association, Shepherd & Goldstein formally established our Business Development Consulting Division. The purpose of this division is to help each client build value in their business, increase overall profitability and meet owner end-in-mind objectives.  While most accountants focus solely on compliance issues, by concentrating on the owner's goals and objective, our firm's strategic direction con truly make a positive different in their lives.

ROCG ~ Shepherd & Goldstein Consulting Group LLC

In our quest to pay fanatical attention to our clients and their business needs, S&G wanted our business consulting team to be able to provide them access to the very latest thinking in the areas of strategy, process improvement and implementation and help their business achieve superior performance.  With that in mind, at the end of 2005, we became partners in ROCG, an international consulting group specializing in the areas of strategy, finance and operations for privately owned and growth enterprises. 

During the last 8 years, we have been working with many of the ROCG partners in other capacities and are very excited about being apart of this leading-edge brain trust. ROCG’s sole focus is on the delivery of strategic business solutions to small and medium sized family-owned enterprises. 

To become an ROCG partner, one must go through rigorous training, professional evaluation and quality assurance to ensure the highest level of professionalism.  Being a partner in ROCG, our clients have access to world-wide best practices in the very latest proprietary consulting methodologies and tools, as well as proven frameworks enabling us to drive consulting projects to viable, implantable solutions. 

Information, understanding and management are in scarce supply and, as you know, they are critical success factors for your business.  Our partnership with ROCG will enhance our ability to help our client’s business achieve measurable objectives and goals.

Financial Services

In 1999, our company expanded its range of expertise and services further by forming SG Wealth Management Group.  Our wealth management team offers personal advice to clients on a wide range of short and long-term financial challenges, while at the same time offering the support and experience of one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Please visit our Financial Services team website at


We began with only a handful of accountants on Main Street in Worcester. Today, with a total team of more than 40, our headquarters is located on Front Street in Worcester only a fewsteps away from our original home. Over the years, we have learned that the best way to serve each client is as a team. This team approach allows us to take advantage of a wide range of talents and experience and ensures that each client has the resources available to fully respond to all of their needs. However, no matter how many team members are working to serve a particular client, the ultimate responsibility for client service rests with one individual -the partner in charge of the account. Each of our five partners, as well as the entire team at S&G continues to strive to provide excellent customer service.  Our guarantee of awesome customer service has proven to set us apart from other firms. 

With all of the changes and additions to our firm, our guiding philosophy, of providing every client with personalized service has not only remained as our foundation, but has now grown to include our fanatical approach of personal awesome service that we even guarantee!  We're proud to say that some of the clients that we started with, nearly a quarter of a century ago, are still an important part of our business. Each relationship is very important to us.

As we continue to grow and change, our focus will always be on our clients and their needs...and we guarantee it! 


So how do you differentiate and choose from a group of people all saying the same thing? At Shepherd and Goldstein, it’s the implementation of “1,000 little things” that make the difference.
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All of our work is guaranteed. You are the sole judge of the end product, and if you believe you have not received a measurable value for a particular service, you may withhold payment.
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