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At Shepherd & Goldstein, we believe that the strength of our firm lies in our team of professionals. While certain members of our team are assigned to handle the work of individual clients, each team member takes an interest in the success of every client and we do not hesitate to draw from their experiences and talents when needed.

However, no matter how many team members are working to serve a particular client, the ultimate responsibility for client service rests with one individual - the partner in charge of the account. At most firms, the engagement partner may only participate at the very end of the process by reviewing the final results with the client. However, at Shepherd & Goldstein, each client can be assured that the work performed, on their behalf, has been carefully surpervised and directed by a senior member of our firm - someone who takes personal responsibility for our services. The partner-in-charge communicates with other team members, on a daily basis, to:
  • Stay up-to-date relative to your business progress
  • Address any concerns that arise
  • Map out strategies for both current and long-term tax,
    business and financial planning.

In addition, each of the firm's partners maintains an interest and keeps abreast of the work being done for each client.  That means that each partner is available to serve every client.  When needed, a partner will not hesitate to apply their specific expertise and skills to assist a client.  That extra effort and involvement is extremely valuable.

The Shepherd & Goldstein team of professionals assigned to work with you will become an extension of your team. We will work closely with your office personnel to ensure that the services that we deliver respond to your specific needs. As a part of your team, we take great pride and satisfaction knowing that we will make a positive contribution towards the achievement of your goals.

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Terence J. Shepherd, CM&AA, CPA, MST

Carl J. Goldstein, CPA

Ronald J. Masiello, CPA

Curtis A. Feldman, CPA

Mark Leone, EA, CFS

Joshua P. LaPan, CPA

So how do you differentiate and choose from a group of people all saying the same thing? At Shepherd and Goldstein, it’s the implementation of “1,000 little things” that make the difference.
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All of our work is guaranteed. You are the sole judge of the end product, and if you believe you have not received a measurable value for a particular service, you may withhold payment.
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