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Business Consulting

ROCG ~ Shepherd & Goldstein Consulting
Group LLC

In our quest to pay fanatical attention to our clients and their business needs, S&G wanted our business consulting team to be able to provide them access to the very latest thinking in the areas of strategy, process improvement and implementation and help their business achieve superior performance.  With that in mind, at the end of 2005, we became partners in ROCG, an international consulting group specializing in the areas of strategy, finance and operations for privately owned and growth enterprises. 

ROCG’s sole focus is on the delivery of strategic business solutions to small and medium sized family-owned enterprises. 

To become an ROCG partner, one must go through rigorous training, professional evaluation and quality assurance to ensure the highest level of professionalism.  Being a partner in ROCG, our clients have access to world-wide best practices in the very latest proprietary consulting methodologies and tools, as well as proven frameworks enabling us to drive consulting projects to viable, implantable solutions. 

Our partnership with ROCG will enhance our ability to help our client’s business achieve measurable objectives and goals.

Business Transition

As the industry leaders in the business exit/transition field with deep experience across a wide range of industries, our consultants are trusted advisors who take a hands-on approach to working along with owners to successfully identify and implement their plans.

We use a collaborative approach, working with owners and their pertinent advisors—such as accountants, attorneys, financial advisors, bankers and acquisition/intermediary advisors—so that their knowledge of the owner’s business and personal history can be brought to bear to develop one comprehensive, customized and cohesive exit plan that meets his or her personal objectives.

Through our related international consulting division, ROCG~Shepherd & Goldstein Consulting Group LLC, our team is the only international professional services and consulting firm that specializes in working with owners of privately-owned small and medium businesses in transitioning their business.

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As business transition specialists, we strive to understand the current playing field and then to publically report our findings on problematic issues and provide potential solutions or at least create an awareness of problems, that our profession needs to work together on to solve. Help us take a pulse on how the "Great Recession" has impacted you by taking a brief survey at

Download our White Paper: Business Transition Report

Business Development Consulting
The Development Consulting Division’s extensive breadth and depth in an assortment of business areas, along with their many tools and resources, enables them to offer substantial positive attributes that can deliver great benefits to you and your company.  Whether it is to expand your business or to make it more efficient and profitable, we can add significant value to your company.
Shepherd & Goldstein’s core expertise includes strategic planning, needs assessment, financial planning and analysis, and business development.  Below is a summary of some of the specific areas that are included in these core competencies.
Strategic Planning

  • Assist in developing a strategic plan and vision for your business
  • Facilitate strategic planning meetings
  • Collect and analyze information for strategic decision-making
  • Evaluate the impact of strategic initiatives
  • Succession planning
  • Business valuations
Needs Assessment
  • Review financial performance and identify profit improvement and productivity opportunities
  • Identify key performance indicators to measure your company's success
  • Identify and evaluate customer service strategies, growth opportunities and cost reductions
  • Evaluate current financial and operational systems and processes
  • Evaluate human resource policies and procedures
  • Evaluate current technology and systems
Business Development
  • Solutions to increase profitability and improve operations
  • Assist in setting company goals and objectives, then develop and implement policies and procedures, performance standards and methods to measure performance
  • Develop the methods to measure your company’s success
  • Customer service strategies
  • Identify and work through the synergistic powers of the “4 Ways to Grow Your Business”
  • Facilitate acquisitions for clients
  • Develop policies & procedures manual
  • Reengineer systems and processes currently in place
  • Develop and implement team management concept

All of our work is guaranteed. You are the sole judge of the end product, and if you believe you have not received a measurable value for a particular service, you may withhold payment.
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